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10 steps to become a mason

  1. Contact us through this website.
  2. A representative from our Lodge will contact you and set a time to meet or invite you to an event.
  3. This meeting will determine which Lodge you will apply to. This is based upon where you live and what you want to do in the Craft (there are Lodges representing Vancouver, Battle Ground, Camas/Washougal, Ridgefield, and others that all meet at the same building).
  4. Request a “Petition for Degrees”, complete it and return it with the lodge fees.
  5. Your Petition will be read by the Lodge, and an Investigation Committee consisting of three Brothers will be appointed.
  6. You will be interviewed by the Investigation Committee at a time and place prearranged by you and the Committee. There are no surprise visits.
  7. The Investigation Committee will make a report to the Lodge at the next monthly meeting, and your Petition will be voted upon.
  8. Upon a successful vote by the Brothers of the Lodge for membership, you will be given a copy of the Masonic University Publication “Approaching the Portals” with detailed preparatory information.
  9. You will be invited to your Entered Apprentice Initiation night. Please note two things:
    • Because your Initiation is given specifically for you, it is important that once a date and time has been set you either attend or reschedule.
    • Initiation, like all Masonic Ritual, is taken seriously. There is no hazing or horseplay.  The evening is something you will remember the rest of your life.
  10. You will be invited to participate in Masonic University, which is a program geared for your success in Masonry
A Timely Chat with a New Freemason

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