Lodge History


“A meeting of Master Masons was held in Vancouver, Washington Territory on the Third day of May, 1879, A. L. 5879. Present were Bros.: Joseph A. Sladen, Robert Pollock, George M. Downey, Harvey H. Gridley, Arthur W. Hidden, Henry C. Morrice, Lynn B. Clough, and Jacob Thompson. On Motion Bro. Joseph A. Sladen was elected Chairman. On motion Bro. Henry B. Morrice was elected Secretary. On motion it was then determined to petition the Grand Master of Washington for a Dispensation to open a Lodge of Master Masons.  Several names for it were then suggested. Finally the name Mount Hood was unanimously adopted.”

 from the History of Mount Hood Lodge No. 32 by Brother David Miller.

Take the opportunity to learn about Mount Hood Lodge 32’s history of how it began and who made it possible for us to be together at this lodge. This 114 page document is made available to you as a pdf file here: History of Mt Hood Lodge

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